Advertising mail

MarketingMail – Our solution for advertising mail

Our ‘MarketingMail’ solution is ideal for your international* advertising mail.

Use ‘MarketingMail’ to send mailings, catalogues, brochures, calendars or other general material.

Because we are independent, we are free to choose our partners. We can therefore choose the best ways to reach your target countries. This means we have the flexibility required to respond to your particular needs. Our partners are secure, fast and reliable.

* We offer direct delivery of advertising material in our customers’ key markets. We consign your mailing directly to the relevant national postal authority or, on request, to optimise costs, to an alternative delivery service provider in the destination country.

Another advantage of direct delivery is national franking. This gives your mailing the appearance of having come from the country in question, which, in turn, improves response rate. Every country has its own sorting criteria for the most cost-effective delivery. Sorting makes sense for deliveries of between 500 and 1,000 items per country!