Daily and transactional mail

BusinessMail – Our solution for your daily and transactional mail

Our ‘Business Mail’ PRIORITY or lower-priced ECONOMY solutions are ideal for your daily international business mail needs

‘Business Mail’ is the standard letter and may contain anything permitted under the statutory regulations of the postal authority. The composition of ‘International Business Mail’ is essentially unrestricted according to the internationally applicable provisions.

With ‘Business Mail’, you can send anything that is considered personal communication, such as invoices, account statements and private messages.

Because we are independent, we are free to choose our partners. We can therefore choose the best ways to reach your target countries. This means we have the flexibility required to respond to your particular needs. Our partners are secure, fast and reliable.

Average delivery times from the day of acceptance of the consignment by SwissMail International AG:

Priority – SwissMail International AG – Härkingen

  • europe:

    1 - 4 Arbeitstage

  • other_countries:

    3 - 8 Arbeitstage

Economy – SwissMail International AG – Härkingen

  • europe:

    5 - 8 Arbeitstage

  • other_countries:

    7 - 15 Arbeitstage

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